“I believe our ancestors and elders taught us how to navigate the many roads and pathways of healing… it’s our responsibility to continue their teachings…”    -Samuel Z. Nez

Samuel Z. Nez is Diné (of the Navajo People), was born and raised near Shiprock, NM on the Navajo Reservation and incorporates the Native American traditions of his family from both his mother and his father. In his private practice, Red Road Holistics, he a Spiritual Teacher who uses indigenous healing modalities and techniques, Integrative Therapies and Herbal Therapies. He received an AOS degree in Massage Therapy and is a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in Cranial Sacral, Lymphatic Drainage and Oncology Therapies.
For the past four years, he has received Mental Health training and private mentoring with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés at the Archetypal and Cross Cultural Studies Institute to support his application as a Registered Psychotherapist for the state of Colorado.

Although Samuel was raised with the healing traditions he began his journey in high school.  He became an apprentice in Curanderismo at that time and decided he would make it a permanent part of his life.

Over the years he has traveled and studied with Traditional Healers, Curanderos, Shamans and Medicine Men and Women in the Southwestern United States and Mexico.

He is a participant of The International Collaboration of Indigenous Healers, Curanderos, Sanadores and Shamans which originated in the sacred mountains of the Tepoztlan valley in Mexico. He has offered his healing therapies which include Native American perspectives and philosophies at the University of New Mexico Indigenous and Curanderismo Health Fairs and also at the American Indian Art Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His participation in Indigenous Health Fairs is ongoing as it supports his view of global health.

Samuel has participated in Pain Research studies which included Curanderismo modalities with Estara Health and Wellness, Denver Health- La Casa Clinic and Colorado University Denver, Health and Sciences. He is passionate and knowledgeable in his understanding of integrating ancestral teaching of healing with modern primary care which led to his becoming a Professional Team Leader and Instructor in clinical settings teaching and supporting volunteers and Metropolitan State University, Integrative Therapies Department Internship Students.

Samuel is a Fire Keeper of the Temezcal:
Samuel’s personal and professional training included participation in the building of a sacred sweat-lodge “Temezcal”. This includes the responsibility of adjusting the heat during the sweat, preparation of “Teaching Sacred Material” within the lodge, understanding the Sweat, therapy, group therapeutic factors, the psychological effects of sweating, participants, procedures, treatment, measures, safety, etc.

He is a registered tribal member of the Navajo Nation with CIB# 231

Samuel Z. Nez, LMT, ITP™
Indigenous Reiki™ 
Master Teacher

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