Lisa B. Martinez-Conover,   NLC, ITP™ 
Indigenous Reiki™ Master Teacher

Doncella Estrella
Lakewood, CO 80026

Phone: 303-906-1362

email:  DoncellaEstrella@comcast.net

Lisa’s family is from Arroyo Seco outside of Taos New Mexico. She was raised combining the healing traditions of the peoples of the Southwest.  Her exposure of using sacred plant and stone medicine began as a child, and has continued to be a lifelong passion and commitment.  In her private practice Doncella Estrella Traditional Holistics and Botanicals she utilizes the sacred therapies of her Curandera Grandmothers, plants, herbs and remedies along with stones to encourage and engage the body’s innate healing response to work with the natural forces of the cosmos.  

Lisa B. Martinez-Conover, NLC, ITPTM is a registered Psychotherapist with the State of Colorado and has studied with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés at the Archetypal and Cross Cultural Studies Institute.  Lisa is an Indigenous Reiki Master Teacher™ and has trained in the areas of Curanderismo with Traditional Healers, Curanderos, Shamans and Medicine Men and Women in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. These studies include a wide range of indigenous healing modalities and techniques, Integrative Therapies and Herbal Therapies.  She supports clinical sites and community outreach operations for her nonprofit, Metzli Integrative Therapies, Professionals and Educators within the Denver Health, La Casa Clinic and South Lincoln Communities.  She is also a participant of The International Collaboration of Indigenous Healers, Curanderos, Sanadores y Shamans which originated in the sacred mountains of the Tepoztlan valley in Mexico.

Lisa is also a Temezcalera and her specialized training includes the creation of the sacred teas that are used to pour over the Grandmother stones during a sacred sweat.  The responsibilities of a Temezcalara include preparation of “Teaching Sacred Material” within the lodge, understanding the Sweat, therapy, group therapeutic factors, the psychological effects of sweating, participants, procedures, treatment, measures, safety, etc.   

Lisa has offered presentations at Colorado University Denver in the area of Curanderismo, Indigenous Medicine and Therapies.   Lisa’s private practice includes private healing sessions and offering classes in health education.   She is involved in community outreach and diversity programs which recognize the importance of Traditional Knowledge and global health, her classes are offered in collaboration with Estara Health and Wellness, Metro State University and Denver Housing Authority.