Gregory J. Carroll, MSTCM, MSAc, CBP
Instructor at IBEM

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Originally from Chicago, Gregory Carroll attended Columbia College Chicago and majored in Marketing and Communications. Gregory then obtained his Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2014 Gregory obtained his Alchemy and Hermetic Sciences diploma through the International Alchemy Guild's, Alchemy Study Program. 

Gregory has been studying alchemy since 2008 and working with laboratory alchemy since 2012. He continues to pursue studies in Alchemy, Herbs, and Traditional Chinese Medicine through his close relations with the International Alchemy Guild, Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine, the Pima and Hopi American Indians of the Southwestern United States, Chinese herbal masters, and the traditional medical practitioners of Outer Mongolia.

He is also a Certified Biofeedback Practitioner (CBP) and a member of the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nation, an independent esoteric spiritual organization of ordained ceremonial ministers of First Nation Church who apply natural healing methods and the historic spiritual traditions and teachings of Kituwa and Cherokee First Nation American Indians to address emotional, physical and spiritual problems. Gregory’s training and experience in Natural Medicine, IBEM Medicine Wheel, Bioenergetic Medicine, and Biofeedback combined with his extensive knowledge of Chinese Herbology, Acupuncture, and Auricular Therapy and commitment to TCM, enables him to specialize in addressing pain control, weight control, addictions, facial acupuncture, skin ailments, and insomnia.

Gregory Carroll is very active in a number of organizations serving as the:

  •  Director of the American Association of Bioenergetic Medical Practitioners
  • Academic Dean of IBEM
  • Member of the Manataka American Indian Council
  • Member of CIRCES International
  • Current Vice President, Treasurer, and Board Member of The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the International Alchemy Guild.

Gregory has been a Tai Chi practitioner for a number of years. He enjoys playing guitar, spending time with family, and researching and authoring works on Herbology, Alchemy, and the Healing Arts. "I love having the opportunity to teach and share my medicine, most of all I look forward to what I will learn from my students.”