Board Members

  •    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  •    Laser Therapy
  •    Myofascial Massage
  •    American Indian Healing & Spirituality
  •    Natural Medicine
  •    Nutrition
  •    Percussor
  •    Raindrop Therapy
  •    Reiki
  •    Ryodoraku Meridian Balancing
  •    Soma Emotional 
  •    Spagyric Homeopathy


*Please note that our adjunct lecturers

do not teach on a regularly scheduled basis.


For more information on our instructors, click on one of the IBEM faculty names below:​

Lone Wolf Dancing On Thunder, BA, MS, DSM ~ Spiritual Advisor
Dr. Rhonda Duesterberg,
DNM, BD, MA Academic Dean & Advisor
Dr. Andrew Davies,
DNM, BD, CBP, C.Ht ~ Technical Advisor

Dr. Renee Lewis, DNM, BD, RN ~ Spiritual Advisor & Instructor

All IBEM faculty members and instructors are skilled healers, studious teachers, excellent communicators, and well-educated, knowledgeable experts in all natural medicine fields.  Their commitment to preserving and disseminating natural healing methods is evident in their clients' wellness and in the students they teach, train and nurture. They hold certificates and, in many cases, college degrees in a health or science field. The faculty's combined expertise has provided the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine with over 100 years of clinical experience in many healing disciplines including:

  •    Acupuncture
  •    Auricular Medicine
  •    BioEnergetic Medicine
  •    Biofeedback
  •    Body Scan
  •    Capno Therapy
  •    Cranial Sacral Therapy
  •    Electrodermal Screening
  •    Electro Acupuncture  by Voll
  •    Flower Essences
  •    Herbal Remedies
  •    Hydro Colon Therapy


IBEM faculty members and instructors regularly supplement their skills through continuous education.  As health experts, they also pursue innovative healing techniques and disciplines effective for wellness.

Advisory Board Members