Dr. Andrew Davies, DNM, BD, CBP, C.Ht

Instructor, Technical Advisor, and Advisory Board Member at IBEM

Andrew, a New Zealand native, traveled abroad to America at age 16 and returned years later. He is a natural counselor. Having a keen awareness of emotions and underlying patterns of behavior grants him the ability to help his patients identify changes in course.

Andrew blends his tech savvy with his unique way of helping others. He specializes in subconscious stimulus and technological products that assess and measure the body's health, remove blockages and allow one to reach a state of homeostasis. 

  • Doctor of Natural Medicine – Institute for Bio-Energetic Medicine, 2018
  • Certified Biofeedback Practitioner
  • Quantum Healing Technique – Dolores Cannon
  • Transformational Hypnosis – Eastburn Institute (EIH)
  • Member – National Guild of Hypnotherapy
  • Patriot Award Recipient by nomination
  • Under-Grad – University of Auckland (AU)
  • Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Color Light Therapy Facilitator
  • Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations Registered


Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine
7400 E Arapahoe Road, Suite 212
Centennial CO 80112

Hermit's Point Medicine, LLC
6650 S Vine St #250,

Centennial, CO 80121