Dr. Litchfield has served as a consultant, professor, researcher, lecturer, and entrepreneur in the fields of healthcare and human performance for more than 40 years.  He extensive experience includes the design, planning, development, production, management, and delivery of academic and professional education curriculum in psychology, behavioral medicine, and health education:  workshops, seminars, short-courses, certification programs, competency programs, specialty programs, MS degree programs, and Ph.D. degree programs in healthcare and human performance fields.

Since earning his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Portland in 1971, Dr Litchfield has lectured extensively on behavioral physiology, respiratory fitness, self-regulation science, and business planning throughout North America and in Asia, Australia, Europe, and Latin America to diverse audiences, ranging from medical schools to corporate groups.  Coincident with his entrepreneurial enterprise in education, he has for 25 years been involved in the design and development of self-regulation physiological monitoring instrumentation systems for use by healthcare practitioners, human service professionals, educators, and researchers.  

Dr. Litchfield is the founder and current President (2000-present) of Better Physiology Ltd., a Santa Fe based company that manufactures educational capnography instrumentation for identifying dysfunctional breathing habits and learning new ones.  He is co-founder and a Director of Behavioral Physiology Institute, also located in Santa Fe, which provides webinars to professional audiences worldwide on the subject of respiratory physiology and breathing psychology.

His specialty areas lie within the fields of behavioral medicine, behavioral physiology, behavioral health, applied psychophysiology, behavioral pharmacology, and research design.  Specific areas of expertise include placebo effects, conditioning theory, drug addiction, biofeedback, and respiratory behavioral physiology.  Other areas of expertise include business planning/development for healthcare professionals, and software design/development of educational, clinical, and research protocols for physiological monitoring and recording.

Dr Litchfield is a behavioral physiologist, currently specializing in respiratory physiology and breathing psychology.  He and Sandra Reamer together developed CapnoLearning®, a learning program for helping people to restore good respiratory fitness through the application of the principles of behavioral analysis, behavior modification, cognitive learning, biofeedback, awareness training, and phenomenological exploration to breathing behavior.  

Dr Litchfield is a current instructor and an Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine (IBEM) Board Member.

Dr. Peter M. Litchfield, PhD
Board Member and instructor at IBEM 

Better Physiology, Ltd.
3600 Cerrillos Road, Suite 734
Santa Fe, NM  87507

(505) 216-7715
email:  DrPeterLitchfield@ibemcollege.org
website:  Better Physiology

"What we at breathing.com aim to do is to access the awesome health benefits of the way we should breathe for that and bring back the people into themselves.  Reconnecting with one's breathing is the first step in the direction of self healing and self realization."                                                                  ~ Dr. Peter M Litchfield

What is Optimal Breathing?

Optimal Breathing Development Work integrates ancient teachings, modern science and technology, touch, non-touch, and self-help approaches. It is compatible with ALL forms of therapeutic, religious, spiritual, and stream of consciousness expressions. Breathing mechanics are essentially the same for every normal human body but many of us lose good breathing or never had it.  We need to inhale oxygen to live but we also need to exhale our breath to rid our bodies of toxins and disease.  The way a person breathes will determine one's health and who they are. 

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