Dr. Jill L. Schumacher received her Baccalaureate of Science degree (BS) in Nursing from St. Louis University and her Master of Science degree (MS) from Rush University in Chicago, Illinois. As an assistant professor in the School of Nursing at the Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon, she taught theory and clinical courses in the undergraduate, graduate and post masters acute care nurse practitioner programs for 15 years. In 2013 she received a Doctorate of Bioenergetic Medicine (BD) and a Doctorate in Natural Medicine (DNM) from the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine. Recently she added a Doctorate in Sacred Medicine from the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine in Colorado.

While at the Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU), Jill Schumacher co- created, designed, and implemented the Integrative Health Series courses, which bridged the ancient wisdom of our ancestors with the allopathic tradition for health care providers and members of the community.

After twenty-five years as a nursing instructor, Jill Schumacher relinquished her faculty position to pursue her commitment to health promotion and stress management. She now has a private practice with offices in Portland, Eugene and Baker City, Oregon. Her unique background and educational accomplishments has enabled her to skillfully weave the tapestry of health promotion with compassion, scientific knowledge, and the wisdom of the healing arts.

She also has other accomplishments:

Serves as a Keeper/Teacher of the Sacred Oral Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptian Huna Way for the past twenty years.
Worked as an acute care nurse for thirty-seven years.
Co-developed and launched The Return of the Nightingale Project to celebrate and honor nurses in 2004. She was the visionary behind this project and wrote, performed  and recorded several inspiring nursing songs.
Worked as a principal investigator of a research project that examined critical thinking and clinical practice development. Additionally Dr. Schumacher has a variety of research interests including: the use of biofeedback technology to examine the bio-physiological response to breathing, sounding and touching techniques and altered states of consciousness.

Dr. Schumacher is also a faculty member of the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine.

Dr. Jill L. Schumacher, BSN, MS, BD,  DNM,  DSM, CBP 
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