​​​Both the terms “natural medicine" and "doctor" are historical Traditional Native American terms. Note what Medicine Grizzlybear Lake writes in "Native Healer":

“Spiritual and material things are intimately inseparable. Both are divine, unified manifestations of the creator whose omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence permeate everything from electrons, atoms, molecules, and galaxies, from microbes to human beings. Without the spiritual, there can be no healing, no medicine!”

~ Dr. Edward Sullivan, DC, DNM, BD,PhD

Native American Medicine (NAM) is a spiritually based system of healing. Traditional Native “natural doctors” practiced prayer, ceremony, herbs, heat, cold, dietary, healing sounds, music, touch, water, lithotherapy, smoke, sound therapy, fasting, bone setting and counseling. These modalities were all applied within the context of spiritual practice.

Native shamans were and still are "natural practitioners". They use natural knowledge, natural methods, and Nature in order to doctor a patient. This is what IBEM does. We provide training and continuing education units (CEUs) for natural medicine and bioenergetic doctors.

All Doctoral candidates must complete in the first year of the Auricular and Biofeedback programs. They must also complete and pass the Auriculotherapy Certification International (ACI) exam and Certified Biofeedback Practitioner (CBP) exam before being eligible to continue into the second year of the doctorate program.

Prerequisites: IBEM students wishing to complete their doctorates in IBEM's Bioenergetic Medicine Doctoral (BD), Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM), and Doctor of Sacred Medicine (DSM) Programs, must have successfully completed all the Auricular Therapy and Biofeedback classes, labs, practicum, and exams for the Doctoral class.  Please note that IBEM authorization will be needed prior to registering for these Doctoral classes.  The NMBD Enrollment Form should be submitted to begin this process. 

All classes prepare and qualify IBEM students to take the American Naturopathic Certification Board national board exams.

This American Naturopathic Certification Board certified Naturopathic and Traditional Naturopathic designation is trademarked. It is available only to those professionals who successfully complete the board certification examination in Traditional Naturopathy with American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB). This designation certifies that the individual has met the educational and professional requirements of a  Naturopathic Doctor (ND). Please note that the state of Colorado restricts the use of the title Naturopathic Doctor in Colorado to only those who have been issued a state license. For more information see Colorado statues HB13-1111 and SB13-215. 

Students completing the Natural Medicine Doctorate prerequisites and classes will also complete the IBEM requirements for a Doctor of Bioenergetic Medicine concurrently. Both doctorate degrees will be issued at the same time.

Bioenergetic and Natural Medicine Program for more program details.

Please note that due to Colorado state laws HB13-1111 and SB13-214, IBEM is no longer able to offer doctoral degrees in Naturopathy.

' Traditional Native Healers ...were seers, visionaries, doctors, counselors for the people. They advised the people about good health practices which were medico-religious in nature, and they taught them how to develop spiritually. When the people became sick, the Native healer doctored them.'