The IBEM Biofeedback Program contains four modules of intensive coursework and practicum labs to provide our students with a comprehensive biofeedback classroom experience.  Upon completion of all coursework and labs each student is prepared to take the CBP exam offered during the IBEM class time. Students are also welcome to take the exam on their own.

In addition to the following three Biofeedback classes and the exam, students must also successfully complete the six Auricular Biofeedback and Medicine classes, labs, practicum, and exam.  All coursework prepares students for both IOCBP Biofeedback Practitioner Certification and the ACI Auricular Therapy Certification.  Both Auricular and Biofeedback certifications are perquisites to pursue the Natural Medicine Doctor (DNM) and Bioenergetic Doctorate (BD) Programs (NMBD).

Addictions Workshop is an elective class which First Year, non-doctoral students may elect to take.