"A holistic approach to wellness must include Body, Mind and Spirit. It must make the individual aware and enhance their capacity for optimal health." 1      ~ Dr. Lee  G. Woolley

Dr. Lee G. Woolley, DNM, BD, D.PSc, MVPT, CBT, DSM
Guest Lecturer at IBEM

The New Human
Brevard, North Carolina

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Dr. Lee G. Woolley is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and one of the first to have also been granted a Bioenergetic Doctorate designation from the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine in Colorado. His undergraduate studies in Vermont included advanced work in Psychophysiology, Health Psychology, and Holistic Health with a degree from Norwich University. He has been certified in Herbology and Nutrition by the British Institute of London. Lee is also a Biofeedback Practitioner, has been a member of the Biofeedback Practitioners Association, and is considered a Master Bionetic Feedback Practitioner.

In 1994 he developed a Bionetic Advanced Feedback Curriculum and Certification Program for health professionals. This curriculum is designed for those interested in incorporating Bioenergetic technology into their practices. It focuses on teaching the fundamentals necessary for integrating the emerging health science of Bionetics in the clinical environment.

Decades ago, Dr. Woolley developed Bio-Resonance and Bionetic Feedback Instruments. His  earliest production model, the BodyScan, released as an FDA certified biomedical device in 1994. With clinical research and ongoing interactions with patients and doctors, his technology has advanced into a fourth generation combination GSR/ sEMG / Laser unit known as the SpectraVision Insight which includes induction lasers (the first of their kind) and imbedded sound / laser color therapy.

Dr. Woolley has sponsored hundreds of lectures, classes, and workshops on various wellness subjects over the years including the:

  • Basic usage of energy medicine protocols in a clinical environment
  • Use and principles of homeopathy, homo-toxicology and detoxification; vibrational therapies
  • Emotional releases with the use of laser based and multi-dimensional botanical​ products 

He also teaches on the progression of illness and the advanced science of the German New Medicine: Emotional CPR (a specific course he created) and a course that introduces simple energetics into health care: Emc-2 (Energetic Modalities for Compressive Care). Dr Woolley's deepest desire is to teach the science of Bionetics.

A frequent lecturer in England, Canada and the United States of America, he was the keynote speaker for the 48 Day Transformation by Energetic Wellness Annual Conference in January 2014. He has spoken at the International Congress on Stress and Stress Management, the CPK Energetic Health Group Annual Conference in Kansas City, and most recently the 15th Annual Congress of the International College of Iridology in Cincinnati Ohio.

Dr. Woolley is a master formulator of botanical products and homeopathy. He has developed his own nutritional, homeopathic and botanical product line designed to aid healing.

He has written several articles about the integration of the spirit-body-mind and health and wellness. He has authored the book “Mindscapes—Mapping and Measuring the Mind”. Written for his peers in Behavioral Medicine; it discusses the process of integration of the dual and triune aspects of the brain and the impact of the central nervous system in healing. In his book, Dr. Woolley poses the questions of integrating the nervous system into the process of emotional and physical healing.

Dr. Lee Woolley is a guest lecturer at Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine (IBEM) and is available
for speaking engagements and workshops.

1 Quote above taken from Lee Wooley's article: 'Psychophysiology: Moving from Reactions to Interrelations'