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What is Bioenergetic Medicine?

Bioenergetic medicine is a system of medicine distinct and separate from all other forms of medicine practiced today. It is separate from:

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Recognizing that the human body functions chemically, structurally, biologically, and bioenergetically; it  primarily focuses on correcting or any bioenergetic imbalance in the body.  The body believes such an imbalance will lead to functional imbalances that  can also develop into organic imbalances.

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Bioenergetic Doctorate

What is Traditional Naturopathy?

Dr. Benedict Lust ND, who is the Father of American Naturopathy, states that the Traditional Naturopathy is "...a distinct school of healing, employing the beneficent agency  of Nature's forces...". Dr. Cummins ND, states that Traditional Naturopathy is "a system of disease eradication based on the theory that clean blood is the instrument of health and fountain of happiness..."

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Founded by Dr. Edward C. Sullivan, the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine (IBEM) is located Centennial, Colorado outside of Denver. IBEM is the first Doctoral program of Bio-Energetic Medicine (BD) in North America and is an accredited seminary of the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations.  IBEM provides courses and certificates or degrees in Traditional Naturopathy, Natural Medicine,  Auriculomedicine, Biofeedback, and Bioenergetic Medicine.  


All coursework focuses on natural disciplines and modalities directed toward and focused on re-establishing the body's natural balance.

The first Bioenergetic Medicine classes
were launched by Dr. Sullivan in 2007.

Announcing IBEM's Study-At-Distance Program

IBEM now offers classes to students residing throughout the USA as well as other countries.  English-speaking class videos, classroom study materials, books, and instructional presentations are now available by internet and mail to 25 European and Asian countries as well as the entire USA.  Class pre-requisites, tuition costs, and completion requirements are the same as the current Resident Program. For more information about our new Study-At-Distance Program, please Contact Us .

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Concurrent Doctorate Programs - 32 months

IBEM offers the following doctorate degrees and certificates to our students. IBEM has uniquely designed its classes so that the two doctoral degrees in Bioenergetic Medicine and Natural Medicine.  Both are obtained through a single set of classes taught in the second and third year. The Biofeedback diploma is obtained as a result of successful completion of the first year classes.  The student has the option to take the certification exam for Biofeedback.

     Doctor of Bioenergetic Medicine (BD)*

     Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM)*
     National Certified Auricular Therapist (CAT)
     National Certified Biofeedback Practitioner (CBP)
     Certified Spondylotherapy Practitioner
     Certified Cranial Sacral Practitioner
     Master Herbalist (MH)  NEW!

The first year program focuses on 165 hours of classes in Auricular Therapy, Auriculomedicine, and Biofeedback (nine modules).  It also includes another 45 hours of labs plus a 30-hour practicum. 

For IBEM students who are interested in pursuing a doctorate degrees in Bioenergetic Medicine (BD) and Natural Medicine (DNM), an additional year and a half of classes is required. These students will complete over 480 hours of classes and  250 clinical hours with clients.  IBEM offers exclusive financing to our doctorate students.

IBEM also provides continuing education courses, weekend class intensives, and lectures which focus on disciplines and modalities that will re-establish the bodies natural balance. As dedicated naturopathic practitioners, IBEM understands the needs of our students.  Many of our practitioners have thriving successful businesses that operate during the week day hours.  To accommodate practitioner schedules and their clients, we  offer all our programs and classes solely on the weekends.

IBEM is accredited by the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations as a religious seminary. Based upon the Kituwa Society and the Cherokee First Nation cultures, this Society is an independent esoteric spiritual organization composed of ordained, ceremonial ministers of the First Nation Church who engage in natural healing methods of emotional, physical and spiritual problems in accordance with historic spiritual traditions and teachings of Indians. Click here for more information on IBEM Accreditation.

IBEM is a religious seminary centered on Indian spiritual teachings and practice dedicated to training ministers engaged in a healing ministry. For more information, please visit the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nation website at Both the BD and DNM are religious doctorates. Ordination to the actual ministry is conferred by the First Nation Church.

IBEM endorses the following statement as it's guiding principle as a seminary of The Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations:

”The Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations does not claim to be an American Indian band, tribe, or nation.  It is composed of ordained ceremonial ministers who do believe in American Indian spiritual teachings and healing practices, accept the fundamental spiritual principles of First Nation Church, and have a healing ministry.  Because Traditional American Indian Healing involves natural healing modalities, such as herbs, nutrition, sound, and light, often called Earth Medicine, and others, the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations endorses the study of western and eastern science subjects as they apply to those natural modalities, such as anatomy, chemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, and so on.  Members of the society do not claim to be medical physicians, nor to practice as such, and recognize the value of such when needed by their patient/clients. The use of the title "doctor" is in accordance with the meaning of teacher, and the title "medicine" is in accordance with the traditional American Indian meaning of the term, and does not mean "drugs or surgery".  Membership in the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations is open to all races, genders, and peoples, without any form of discrimination, in accordance with First Nation principles."

IBEM is a member school of the national American Herbalist Guild.

IBEM is now the exclusive distributor of  the IBEM  Medicine Wheel, an integrated Traditional Biofeedback system.

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