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What is Bioenergetic Medicine?

Bioenergetic medicine is a system of medicine distinct and separate from all other forms of medicine practiced today. It is separate from:

Natural Medicine,
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Recognizing that the human body functions chemically, structurally, biologically, and bioenergetically; it  primarily focuses on correcting or any bioenergetic imbalance in the body.  It is believed that such an imbalance will lead to functional imbalances that  can also develop into organic imbalances.

IBEM teaches Bioenergetic Medicine as "a natural system of medicine based on the traditional Native American spiritual teaching that the Creator is a Divine Being of Absolute Energy and that all Creatures including humans are beings of life energy or bio-energy that can become imbalanced and must be restored to natural energetic balance".

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Founded by Dr. Edward C. Sullivan, the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine (IBEM) is located in Centennial, Colorado outside of Denver. IBEM is the first Doctoral program of Bio-Energetic
2013 IBEM classroom
Medicine (BD) in North America and is an accredited seminary of the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations and the Sacred Way  First Nations Assemblies. IBEM provides courses for certificates in Biofeedback and Auriculomedicine and doctorate degrees in Natural Medicine, Bioenergetic Medicine, and Sacred Medicine.

All coursework focuses on natural disciplines and modalities directed toward and focused on re-establishing the body's natural balance.

The first Bioenergetic Medicine classes were launched by Dr. Sullivan in 2007.

Today IBEM is a global traditional Pan-American Indian Medicine educational spiritual program. Our graduates practice in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, as well as India, Mexico and Singapore.

IBEM obtained their federal 501(C)(3) non-profit organization status summer of 2014.

IBEM provides comprehensive coursework, laboratory and practicuums to fully prepare their students to practice natural medicine. Classes include:  Addiction, American Indian Medicine and Spirituality, Auricular Therapy, Aromatherapy, Biochemistry, Bioelectric Therapy, Bioenergetics, Biofeedback, Biomeridian, Ethics, Electro Dermal Testing and Treatment, Herbalism, Holistic Anatomy and Physiology, Homoeopathy, Iridiology, Magnetic Therapy, Neurology, Nutrition, Organic Chemistry, Pathophysiology, Qi Gong, Rydoraku, Scanning, Somatic Therapy, Spagyric Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Voll, and others.

IBEM  class video segments highlighting Auricular, Aromatherapy,  Biochemistry,   Biofeedback, Holistic Anatomy  and Physiology, Iridiology, and Qi Gong classes

Our Mission

IBEM is a nonprofit, educational, cultural and spiritual association (seminary), and a Ecclesiastical Private Expressive Association, as defined by law. IBEM is dedicated to preserving the Pan-American Indian Spiritual teachings. These teachings include the  traditional Indian priest/healers' natural healing practices. This Natural Medicine of the Indians is also called "the Natural Way" (Earth Spirituality) or "Earth Medicine."

Graduates of the IBEM seminary holding the BD, DNM, and DSM degrees are ordained ministers and priests (Natural Doctors) who minister or practice the Natural Way to the sick and suffering under:

US and international law
Native American Free Exercise Religion Act 1993
Religious Freedom Restoration 1993
Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations Constitution
First and Ninth Amendments of the US Constitution

Each IBEM seminary graduate is a minister and priest of IBEM seminary and will assert their rights as American citizens under these laws. As ministers and priests, our graduates are  considered to be Pastoral Health Practitioners and Counselors and Natural Doctors in accordance with traditional Pan-American Indian Medicine practice.

What is a Medicine Wheel? 

IBEM also provides continuing education courses, weekend class intensives, and lectures which focus on disciplines and modalities that will re-establish the bodies natural balance. As dedicated natural medicine practitioners, IBEM understands the needs of our students.  Many of our practitioners have thriving successful businesses that operate during the week day hours.  To accommodate practitioner schedules and their clients, we  offer all our programs and classes solely on the weekends.

IBEM is accredited by:
  • Sacred Way First Nations Assemblies, an inter-tribal spiritual society,  headquartered in Michigan
  • The Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations, an Ecclesiastical Private Expressive Association.  It is composed of ordained ministers and priests who are:
    • Pastoral healthcare practitioners and counselors,
    • Ordained ministers from the Sacred Way First Nation Assemblies and First Nation Church as well as other churches that have a healing ministry, or
    • Natural Doctors, who minister to the sick and suffering according to the Natural Way.
The headquarters of The Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations is in the state of Colorado). Click here for more information on IBEM Accreditation.

IBEM is a religious seminary centered on Indian spiritual teachings and practice dedicated to training ministers engaged in a healing ministry. For more information, please visit the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nation website at Both the BD and DNM are religious doctorates. Ordination to the actual ministry is conferred by the First Nation Church and Sacred Way First Nations Assemblies.

IBEM is now the exclusive distributor of  the IBEM  Medicine Wheel, an integrated Traditional Biofeedback system.

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